WXPN Welcomes The Fishtown RiverCity Festival 2017 Mainstage Lineup!

The festival kicks off at noon with live music, vendors and activities and continues through the afternoon until 6pm.



3:00 pm – CREEM CIRCUS

2:00 pm – MINKA

1:00 pm – MAITLAND

12:00 pm – ALI WADSWORTH

Swift Technique

Website: www.swifttechnique.com
Twitter: @SwiftTechnique
Facebook: facebook.com/swifttechnique
Instagram: instagram.com/SwiftTechnique

Swift Technique, Philadelphia’s fiery funk extravaganza, is sprinting into their ninth year at full speed! Their unique blend of funk, soul, rock, hip-hop and relentless showmanship has propelled the group into their most successful period to date. Featuring the powerhouse vocal tandem of Chelsea ViaCava and Nik Greeley, the band is releasing two new singles, “Lucky Bump” and “Reason to Be” to add to an ever-growing recording catalogue. With bombastic horns, thunderous bass and drums, driving guitar and keys, and more dance moves than you can shake a booty at, Swift Tech’s live performances are unmatched in energy, musicianship and pure feel-good fun. And with a recent appearance on the award winning Netflix series, Orange is the New Black, the group is commanding national attention.

After forming in 2007 Swift Technique has steadily toured, performed, and recorded all over the country. The band’s sound has evolved at every step, with the members constantly pushing their performing and musical limits. They have shared the stage with all varieties of world-class acts including: The Meters, Wu-Tang Clan, Snarky Puppy, DJ Questlove, Soulive, Fishbone, The Disco Biscuits, Turkuaz, The Motet, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, The Main Squeeze, Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds, Kermit Ruffins,, Deep Banana Blackout, Kung-Fu, Orgone, Big Sam’s Funky Nation and Sophistafunk. They have successfully played at top-tier venues in some of the most musically rich cities in the country including: New York City, Boston, Baltimore, Washington DC, New Orleans, Nashville, Chicago, Cincinnati, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and of course, their hometown, Philadelphia.

For Swift Technique, every show is the craziest basement party you’ve ever been to. Representing Philadelphia in the funkiest way possible, Swift’s mission is to get you grooving, get you grinning, and fill you with the positive energy that world so sorely needs. Come out and see what thousands of satisfied funksters across the US have already experienced. With the hype around Swift Technique building at lightning speed, look for these gritty groove masters to take large leaps forward in the coming year!

Candy Volcano

Website: www.candyvolcano.com
Twitter: @CandyVolcano
Facebook: facebook.com/candyvolcano

Candy Volcano is a festive tribute to the music of the 1970’s glam rock era brought to you by an extensive cast of colourful performers.

The supergroup Candy Volcano was formed merging lava-hot talent and taffy-sweet skills from all over the region.

A magic busload of singers and musicians will perform works by David Bowie, T Rex, Roxy Music, Sweet, the Stooges, NY Dolls, Alice Cooper and whatever strikes their fancy. They’re not impersonating anyone; they’re playing stellar versions of great songs, in a stratospheric extravaganza of rocking high-spirited fun.

Candy Volcano is a street-walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm.
Candy Volcano is an alligator, It’s a mama papa coming for you.
Candy Volcano is a prima-ballerina on a spring afternoon.

creemcircusCreem Circus

Website: creemcircus.com
Twitter: @creemcircus
Facebook: facebook.com/creemcircusband
Instagram: instagram.com/creemcircus

Do you know who “your favorite band’s favorite band” is? It’s probably the most glamtastic band to come out since BOWIE wiped the lighting bolt off his face. They are from Philadelphia, PA and Creem Circus is what they call themselves (after their two favorite 70’s rock magazines, of course…but you knew that)!
Hear them and you will hear original tunes with riffs and choruses that rocket you back to 1974. See them and you will be blinded by the sequins glued to the sides of their homemade platform shoes and glitter bug-eyed glasses. Meet them and you will feel the inexplicable urge to run away with the Circus! The Creem Circus!!

But there’s more!
Guitarist Jim Cara and Chris DiPinto have their own guitar companies and have made guitars for many rock legends such as Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Cheap Trick, The Cars, The White Stripes and even the late, great king of glam rock himself David Bowie! If you missed the glam rock train on its first trip round, don’t worry, it’s making another stop in your town…and it’s call the Creem Circus!


Website: www.weareminka.com
Twitter: @weareminka
Facebook: facebook.com/weareminka
Instragram: instagram.com/weareminka/

MINKA is a dance band.
They live, breathe, and procreate in Philadelphia. They will play your roof or basement, warehouse or venue.
They will play the bottom of your swimming pool.

Dick Rubin, leader of the band, has been known to perform fully nude.
Hedonism – the pursuit of earthly pleasures – lies at the very core of what MINKA is about.
At a MINKA event, followers abandon social convention and allow their true selves to emerge.

The band’s music highlights the following ethos:
– Resist conforming to the routine society wants you to follow. Forge a new path.
– Tap into your primal nature. Return to the source of true human satisfaction.
– Embrace paranoia about the technological systems that regulate modern existence.
– Express yourself without reservation – verbally, artistically, sexually.
– Join the community. MINKA is a welcoming tribe.

MINKA has played The Foundry, Underground Arts, Johnny Brenda’s, and Boot & Saddle. They haveplayed over 100 house parties in Philly over the last 18 months. They have performed with acts including Andrew WK, Protomen, Escort, Chappo, and Superhuman Happiness.


Website: maitland.bandcamp.com
Twitter: @MaitlandMusic1

Facebook: facebook.com/MaitlandMusic1
Instagram: instagram.com/maitlandmusic

Years of brotherhood, self-proclaimed and genetic, have created the Indie/folk/rock band Maitland. Pulling influences from Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, and woodsy expeditions, Maitland has transformed from a minimalist folk duo into a rock quartet. With the release of the band’s first album, “(from a cabin in the woods),” Josh Hines (vocals/guitar/songwriter), toured subway systems in the North East cities like Boston, Philadelphia, New York, etc. Once it was time to make more noise, Josh Hines invited his brother, Alex Hines (bass/vocals), Evan Moffitt (guitar), and Adam Shumski (drums) to the stage. Capitalizing on the versatility of the folk iterations, Maitland’s live performances express backwoods rustic elements paired with driving percussion and unforgettable melodies. Evan Moffitt creates a comfortable blanket of atmosphere to lay over Maitland’s three part harmonies, haunting falsettos, and dynamic percussion.

Photo Courtesy of Lisa Sassarath

Ali Wadsworth

Website: aliwadsworth.bandcamp.com
Twitter: @alitronwadsbot
Facebook: facebook.com/awadsworthoffun

Ali Wadsworth is the daughter of a rock musician/chemical engineer and a tapestry weaver. Life and her father’s job brought her all over the world, including Moscow to study opera, musical theatre in exotic North Jersey and Jazz at The University of Vermont. Her rock band UNLIKELY COWBOY brought her to Philly, which split off into GOOD OLD WAR, and Ali joined forced with her sister and formed GOLDIEBOX and Philadelphia super-group FANTASY SQUARE GARDEN. When these bands disbanded (as most bands do), Ali and her little sister Claire decided to give national television a try. The Wadsworth Sisters were asked to audition for NBC’s The Voice, and spent the summer of 2012 living in a Los Angeles hotel singing and filming. Ali is finished her first solo record in 2013 with mega producer Bill Moriarty (Dr. Dog, Floating Action, Man Man, The Sheepdogs) which was be a collection of songs given to her by her favorite songwriters. Ali has appeared on countless records (Shy Boys, Ben Arnold, Don McCloskey, Echo Test, Bill McCloskey, Hoots and Hellmouth, Aaron and The Spell, Andrew Lipke, Good Old War, Toy Soldiers) and continues to pay the bills as a bartender/session musician. She is currently working on her second solo album.